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Todd Wilkerson is a New Yorker now living in Los Angeles for the past fifteen years. He is an Actor/Illustrator…or is it Illustrator/Actor? It depends on the month. He went to art school in his early twenties but switched to acting while in New York, which eventually led him to Los Angeles. Five years ago he picked up a pencil again and started drawing on a regular basis after a twenty-year hiatus. This awoke the need to create again as well as get back to a desire he had as a young adult - to write and illustrate stories for kids. His work has a fun, whimsical, humorous style and he recently finished illustrating his second picture book. He lives with his two daughters, one wife and one dog (also a girl). Yeah, he's surrounded by girls but wouldn't change a thing. When he's not drawing, he enjoys hanging out with his family, throwing a frisbee to his dog and writing bios about himself written in the third person. :)

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