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This fantastical adventure of animals in their not-so-natural habitats will tickle your brain, leaving readers of all ages imagining their own silly combos

Is it a book? Is it a word game? Can it be both?


"This enchanting book takes young readers on a whimsical journey where creatures and insects find themselves in delightfully improbable scenarios, far from their natural realms. From a porcupine strolling through Paris clad in pink to a skunk endeavoring to remain odorless, and from a narwhal seeking rest in New York to a piglet dining with a spork, Karplus brings these scenes to life with lyrical rhymes and vivid, dynamic illustrations.

The illustrations are a standout feature, with each scenario depicted in rich, colorful detail, creating a unique and immersive visual experience." - Literary Titan 5-star review

The Boy Who Loved Boxes

Written and illustrated against the backdrop of the global pandemic, this children's book for adults is a modern-day allegory exploring the illusion of control and the pursuit of peace. Join our hero and discover that happiness is not always found in the places we expect.


"Wilkerson's simple, pleasant, cartoon-like drawings cleverly incorporate color. Black-and-white illustrations with primary color accents show The Man interacting with his boxes throughout his life. As he gradually finds happiness by the end, the images include full-color depictions." - Kirkus Reviews

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